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Planetology Division Study Roster. Empty Planetology Division Study Roster.

Post by FriedMünCake on Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:12 pm

I think we need to divide the planets between us. It's no use if I said "I am going to study (let's say) Eve tomorrow when I can get on the computer which can run KSP without agitation." and the next day I find another planetologist posting their reports on the same subject.

I was thinking. If we selected what Planet(s') SOI to be researched by that planetologist or that group of planetologists. It would prevent "hogging the data" and giving other planetologist who have limited time on KSP a time to actually make some contributions.

Planet's SOI Dedication-
Kerbol -(Head Of Planetology)-
Moho -
Eve -
Kerbin -(Kerbonautical Division)-
Duna -
Dres -
Jool('s Moons.) -
Dres -
Eeloo -

Apply with the form below.

KSP Forum Username:
Theories and Report Thread:
Missions Ordered To the Kerbonautical Division:
Planet SOI Preference:


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