RULES. Read BEFORE Posting.

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RULES. Read BEFORE Posting. Empty RULES. Read BEFORE Posting.

Post by Commander Error on Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:54 pm

Hello, and welcome to the University of Kerbol Forums! If this is your first visit and you have been redirected here, please take a look at the below to avoid bringing any undue trouble upon yourself. Thanks.

- No deliberately seriously antagonizing other forum users. This includes serious insults and posting for no reason other than ripping on someone else. This also includes minor antagonism that seems to be directed at one member repeatedly. A warning will be given.
- No necroposting. Necroposting is posting in a thread that has not had replies in two weeks or more. There is one exception to this rule: It is acceptable to post in your own ship thread no matter how long it has been dead. Again, a warning will be bestowed if found in violation.
- No off-topic that’s not in the Off-Topic Area. This includes posting threads that do not belong in that subforum and derailing threads that are in the correct place. Off-topic posts and threads will either be deleted or moved to the proper place, and the offender will get a warning.
- No spamming posts. Everyone can see how many posts you make in a day. If it’s an unusually large number, a moderator will look at your recent posts to see if you have been spamming to get your post count up. If you have, the posts will be deleted and you will receive a warning.
- No posting pornographic material in any form. This is a no-brainer, and it will get you permanently banned immediately.
- Do not create alternate accounts. If an account is suspected to be an alt, it will be examined. If it is found to be an alt, the account will be permanently banned and the original account will receive a warning.
- No swearing. At all, ever. If you cuss, surse, swear, or otherwise make the suggestion of inappropriate language, you instantly accumulate 10 points and are permabanned from here and the University.

If a member accumulates multiple points in a single month, bad things will happen. The punishments for various numbers of points are as follows:

1 – Official warning PM’d to member by a moderator. This is a friendly warning, and there is no punishment associated with it.
2 - Possible one day ban depending on the offense.
3 - User will be moved to the 'Exile' group, upon which they can appeal their case in a PM to me, or wait for their time to expire.
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